Litterless Lunch Challenge: Day 1 Pictograph

In grade 1 today, 25 of us started the day by examining our lunches for reusable containers such as food containers, water/juice bottles and reusable lunch kits.  Some students had 6 or 7 reusable containers and no/very little garbage!  As a class, we had a total of 82 reusable items.  We created a pictograph to show our data from today and we video called the Oak Lake Kindergarten Class to see which classroom would win the Litterless Lunch Challenge for today!  Oak Lake had 84 reusable items, so they won the challenge for today, but this friendly competition will continue.  Our classrooms will continue to compete to reduce litter and increase the use of reusable containers.  We are also looking for more partner classrooms to join our challenge, please send a Tweet our way (@MrsObachsClass) if you are interested in taking the challenge. 




This activity provided an opportunity to practice math skills:  we counted our items, used a calculator on the SMARTboard to determine our class total, graphed our results, counted by 5s to create our graph and compared our total number with Oak Lake’s total number to determine which was greater.   

*Tip:  We photographed one of the containers from our lunches on a white background and then used the SMARTnotebook feature called “set transparency” to remove the white background.  It was an easy way to create our own image!

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