Authentic Problem Solving: Making an Impact on Reusable Bag Use

After the OLCS Kindergartens investigated reusable and plastic bag use in their community, their class shared the results with our class.  We were surprised that so many people used plastic bags, since we all have lots of reusable ones!  The problem seemed to be that people forget their bags.

Next, our classes joined via Video Kinect to brainstorm ways to encourage reusable bag use.  We weren’t sure what solutions or remedies our young students would suggest, but the conversation turned out to be very productive!  Our students brought up that many people use “sticky notes” to write reminders and that making a reminder note to take reusable bags with them would help.

By the end of our discussion, our classes jointly decided that making reminder notes to place in our homes and vehicles would increase reusable bag use.

About mrsobach

Educator in rural Manitoba, Canada. Working with students and fellow educators to improve teaching and learning!
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