Reminder Stickers with QR Codes!

This morning we started designing our reminder stickers to help people remember their reusable bags.  The stickers were one of the solutions the Grade 1s came up with when we found out from the RCMP officer that hanging things from our rearview mirror was not legal or safe. 

We used the Avery website to design our stickers and students chose the colours, images and messages to include!  We followed the criteria that students had set for reminder tags and stickers. 

While we were designing, I noticed that QR codes were an available option, so I explained to the students that QR codes were like barcodes that they have at the grocery store.  They were very excited to include a QR code, so I suggested some possible links that the QR code could go to.  The students decided that, since they’d already included our Twitter name, the QR code should link to this blog to tell people more about their  project. 

My students were really excited to design these stickers and so was I!  Please check out our reminder stickers and print yourself one or a whole sheet to share (we used removable Avery Labels # 06499). 

You can download the PDF file of the stickers here.


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Educator in rural Manitoba, Canada. Working with students and fellow educators to improve teaching and learning!
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