Farmer Appreciation Day: Poster Making and Set Up

Students wanted to create special posters for decorating our classroom on Farmer Appreciation Day.  We brainstormed messages together and students decided whether they’d like to work with others on big banner posters or individually on smaller posters.  Students worked really hard to do their best printing, drawing, designing and coloring over the past few weeks.  Poster designing was a job that students could select to do independently while I worked with smaller groups on tasks such as cookie baking or pumpkin puree.  It was also an option for those times when students were finished their work and needed a meaningful task to work on for a short time.

 The afternoon before our Farmer Appreciation event,  we started setting up for the event.  We moved the furniture around in our room to get ready for our farmer guests and we started putting up our posters.  It sure looked great in our classroom and I’m so proud of the students for their amazing learning, teamwork and passion!  Whether it was lifting tables, stacking chairs, setting out cookies or last minute poster-coloring, everyone pitched in to get ready!  We even had a student photographer take pictures to show our setup day.  I helped out with counting chairs, “directing traffic” and reaching some hard-to-reach spots for posters.  Otherwise, the students did most of the work.  They were really engaged in their learning and excited about their project!

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Educator in rural Manitoba, Canada. Working with students and fellow educators to improve teaching and learning!
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