Setting Criteria for Our Olympic Postcards

We had a fantastic Skype call today with our partner class in Grade 1 at Hamiota Elementary. We began by updating each other on our latest research (my class had just read the Grade 1s blog posts) and then we shared the photographs and art that we had created to celebrate the Olympics. The Grade 1s had coloured a number of Olympic event pictures to accompany their research and created all kinds of Olympic rings. The OLCS students shared a photograph of our entire school dressed in red hockey jerseys forming the Olympic rings as well as the Olympic rings they had fingerpainted.



During our last call, the students had decided that they would like to create postcards to send to Canadian Olympic athletes expressing messages of support. Mrs. Obach shared some real post cards that she had received in the mail, and the students examined them to decide what was necessary in postcard design. Then it was time to develop our criteria. We shared the screen, and the kindergarten students and I led the criteria setting process. Here is what we’ve developed:


Adding pictures for some of the pre-readers in kindergarten make the criteria accessible to all learners.

The call was going so smoothly that we decided to use AutoCollage to experiment with postcard design. We’re excited to share those with you in our next post!

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