There are 3 different colors of medals:

People take turns carrying the torch from the place the Olympics was last held to the place it’s going to be. On the very first day of the  Olympics they have a celebration called opening ceremonies. At the opening ceremonies the person with the torch runs into the stadium , they use the torch to light a bigger torch and that fire burns for all the days  of the Olympics. The people competing in the events all wear numbers on their chest and back so the judges and audience know who they are.  The people that participate represent their country they are from  by either carrying a huge flag or having a smaller one on their clothes that they wear.  They feel very proud to be there because they worked very hard to get there. At the end of the Olympics they have another celebration called the closing ceremonies.  When the people win first second and third they get to stand on a podium.   The person that won first place gets their national anthem played for everyone to hear. It is a very proud moment.  Everything gets to be on tv so people from all around the world can see.


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