Supporting our Olympic Athletes: Postcard Writing

We were all very excited when the postcards we designed arrived from the printer this week!  Students were eager to start drafting postcard messages, so we reviewed the message criteria we set with the Kindergartens and students started working on their writing.  Once students had a draft, they met with me to review, revise and edit their writing to ensure it met the criteria.  Then students wrote their final message on our beautiful postcards!  We’ve had a difficult time finding an address to send postcards directly to athletes, so we decided we’d use our Twitter connections to share the postcards.  We photographed each message and sent them to athletes on Twitter before mailing the actual postcard.  This way, we hope athletes will read them now even if they don’t get the actual postcard until a later date.

Two postcards from our class were chosen by Olympic Lens to be featured on their Olympics website of photos!  It was so exciting to see my students’ work shared with an even wider audience since they worked so hard on the postcard design, message writing and athlete research!

Postcards featured on Olympic Lens can be viewed here: 

I’ll keep adding more postcard photos here as well:

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