Developing Numeracy and Speaking Skills Through Our Olympics Project

Tuesday was a huge day in kindergarten–we only had two kindergarten days this week and so much to accomplish with our collaborative Olympic project with Mrs. Obach’s Grade 1 class. Much to the students’ delight, our postcards had finally arrived on Monday. So our first job was to find out which classes in the school would be interested in taking part and how many postcards they would need.

The students and I created a recording form for this task, and armed with clipboards, we visited each classroom in the school. We practiced how we would knock and what we would say in each classroom and off we went!



Although one student was designated to ask in each classroom, all students recorded the information each time.


We were excited to discover that all classrooms in our school wanted to write postcards to the Canadian Olympic athletes! So we went back to our classroom and counted out postcards for each classroom, placed them in envelopes, and labeled them. The students thought it was important to give each classroom our postcard writing criteria that we developed with the Grade 1 students.





Our next job was to deliver the packages of postcards to each classroom!


About Devon Caldwell

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