Minds on Media: Tools to Support Project-Based Learning

We’re excited to share our road map for success with project-based learning at Awakening Possibilities’ Minds on Media event! The right tools are key to supporting and enhancing the learning in your classroom, and here are a few of our favourite resources.

Microsoft Educator Network: create a free account to access free tools, tutorials, and software downloads, lesson plans, and hot topic discussions among educators from around the world.

Microsoft Auto Collage: quickly create and share a collage of selected images. Great for making postcards, posters, promotional materials, and sharing student learning!

Microsoft One Drive: password-protected cloud storage, ideal for sharing information and collaborating with colleagues, students, and parents

Skype in the Classroom: Skype is a fantastic tool for connecting your classroom to the world. Skype in the Classroom helps you find other classrooms and experts who are eager to share on specific topics.

Symbaloo EDU: a terrific organizational and bookmarking tool for safely sharing web-based resources with students. Read here how we build knowledge with Symbaloo as part of project-based learning.

Twitter: not sure how to use Twitter in your classroom? Check out how we use it in kindergarten and grade 1. Twitter clients such as Hootsuite make it easy to follow multiple streams and searches. More information is available by visiting this blog post.

Brain Pop Junior: age-appropriate videos (K-3), learning activities, and games to build knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Brain Pop Educators Community has some great free webinars for teachers.






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