The Pigeon Lands in Kindergarten

As we regularly Skype with Mrs. Obach’s Grade 1 class (now her Grade 2 class as she has looped with this fabulous bunch of learners), we knew that they were passionately interested in reading Mo Willems’ pigeon books. When they decided to write their own pigeon books in the style of Mo Willems’, we followed with interest and learned alongside them as they investigated copyright rules for using an author/illustrator’s character. We were excited for them when they were granted permission by Mo Willems to create their own pigeon stories! Our first day of senior kindergarten began with one of our Grade 2 friends sharing her pigeon story, and with that the pigeon craze came home to roost in Oak Lake Community School’s senior kindergarten program! Since the first day, we have enjoyed one or two pigeon stories each day from our Grade 2 guest authors via Skype, and we’ve adapted the project to suit our kindergarten interests and abilities. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Reading and exploring: we’ve read every single one of Mo Willems’ pigeon books MANY times. We’ve examined how the author uses speech and thought bubbles, hearts, different kinds of text, and punctuation. We’ve watched a number of YouTube adaptations of Mo Willems’ books…some definitely better than others. This one is our favourite!

We also graphed our favourite Mo Willems’ pigeon title on the SMART Board. Here’s the slide if you’d like to use it.

Learning to use speech and thought bubbles: after discussing the speech and thought bubbles in Mo Willems’ books, I taught a mini-lesson on why and how to use speech and thought bubbles in writing. To make it more fun, we added speech bubbles and used different kinds of text (and hearts) to a few pictures of us.

speech bubbles_1 speech bubbles_2 speech bubbles_3Drawing the pigeon: we visited Mo Willems’ site and found this tutorial to learn to draw the pigeon. We went through it step by step, and I could NOT believe how well my students did! By the second time we drew the pigeon, we had some fantastic artwork! Wow!

20140923_214936000_iOSPublishing our first book online: Next we took all of our pigeon drawings and organized them into a book. We developed a simple story together and I used speech bubbles to caption each picture. We photographed the paper pages and uploaded them to Mixbook. This will give us the option to order a print copy of our book later! Our first attempt is very rudimentary, but the kids love our first book, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Go to the Ice Cream Store” and we’ve read it many times!

Don’t forget about the duckling: next the students insisted that we learn to draw the duckling. We explored a few tutorials on YouTube, but eventually just referred to Mo Willems’ illustrations. The results were equally impressive, and we had a gallery walk to share our work!

20140919_155912298_iOS 20140919_160333660_iOSAuthoring our own stories: now that we are proficient in drawing the two main characters, the duckling and the pigeon, we investigated how an author develops a story. Today we focused on beginning, middle, and end, and examined each pigeon book. To develop our understanding of beginning, middle, and end, we watched a great video on Discovery Education Canada, Discovering Language Arts: Beginner Writing–the segment on beginning, middle, and end was simple and appropriate for kindergarten kids! We also viewed Brain Pop Junior‘s video on plot. It contained a ton of useful information, but it was too advanced for my little ones. However, we did recommend it to Mrs. Obach’s Grade 2 class!

Setting up our writing centre: now that we are eager to develop our own pigeon and duckling stories, we wanted to have a special place in our classroom to do so. Today we set up our writing centre. We’ve included these supplies so far: blank booklets for writing stories, clipboards and paper, writing materials (markers, pencils, crayons, erasers), and an alphabet linking chart. We were excited to get started during centre time today!

photo-4What are our next steps? Well each of us is excited to create and author our own duckling and pigeon book to share with the class. But I’m interested to take it a step further…the Windows App store has launched a new app called Chekhov Story Author that I’d love to try….creating our own eBooks in kindergarten? Why not! Even better if we could narrate the story to match our drawings!

We’ll keep you posted!

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