GRA19: Discussion Questions for Stella Diaz has Something to Say

Global Read Aloud is one of my favourite learning activities!  I love seeing students explore rich literature and connect with other students to share their perspectives.

I pre-read the book and I’ve created weekly discussion questions or prompts for Stella Diaz has Something to Say  by Angela Dominguez

Stella Diaz (1)

Feel free to use any of these questions/prompts for discussions in your class or with your partner classrooms!  I like posting a question or prompt on Padlet or Flipgrid each week to keep the connection going between partner classrooms, but many of the prompts would also work for in-class discussion or video calls.

Week 1: September 30- October 4: Chapters 1-4

Stella is really hopeful that she’ll make a new friend.  Tell us what you like to do with your friends.

Stella can speak English and Spanish.  Do you know another language?  Can you share a word or phrase?

Week 2: October 7-11: Chapters 5-7

Stella talks about some special foods she likes, such as jicama.  What are some special foods you and your family enjoy?

Jenny has an idea that Stella can overcome her shyness by asking others questions.   Ask your partner class a question.  Remember to come back to answer someone’s question and see if someone responded to yours.

Week 3: October 14-18: Chapters 8-10

Stella eats, sings, dances and laughs with her family.  What does your family do together?

Stella writes her own book.  If you wrote a book, what would it be about?  Why would you choose that topic?

Week 4: October 21-25: Chapters 11-13

Stella and her family celebrate the new year with a trip to the Wisconsin Dells.   How does your family celebrate special occasions or holidays?

Stella wonders about her mother’s Christmas traditions in Mexico.  Research different holidays around the world and share how one country or culture celebrates a special occasion.

Week 5: October 28-November 1:Chapters 14-17

Stella is nervous about the spelling bee, but she tries it anyway.  Tell us about a time you did something that made you nervous or something that seemed challenging.

Stella is inspired by the author she sees at the library.  She thinks she might want to be an author too.  What do you dream of doing or being?

Week 6:  November 4-8: Chapters 18-End

Stella has accomplished a lot.  Share an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

Stella is very interested in marine life.  What interests you?  Tell us about it!

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