Math Everywhere Learning Retreat 2019

Our first-ever KG Education Learning Retreat is in the books!  We are so grateful to the 10 local educators who trusted us with leading a day of professional learning for them.   It was incredibly exciting to see our vision for professional learning become a reality.

As a team, Devon and I have been leading workshops and sharing presentations for over a decade.  We enjoy working with fellow educators to share ideas and grow our teaching practices.   When we launched KG Education in May 2019, we had this vision of a new format for professional learning.  We wanted to combine professional learning with wellness practices, so we dreamed up the idea of a learning retreat.

What is a learning retreat?

Our learning retreats include a unique blend of professional learning, wellness practices and community-building. 

  • We are both passionate about ongoing learning and professional growth.  We know that teachers need high-quality professional development, so it’s a priority for us to offer meaningful learning opportunities for educators. 
  • We’ve learned the value and importance of teacher wellness, so our learning retreats integrate wellness practices such as yoga, movement and mindfulness. 
  • Finally, we’ve experienced the benefits of connecting with colleagues, so we aim to foster community-building among participants. We offer retreats to small groups of educators, so we can work together and get to know each participant!

What does your day look like at a learning retreat event?

For our Math Everywhere Learning Retreat, we began the day with a gentle yoga class, followed by a nutrition break. Next, we shared ideas for rich math learning and did some math together! We enjoyed a delicious lunch at our local restaurant, Brierwood Creek Cafe & Grill, and then had some workshop time for hands-on creation and sourcing of math activities. After an afternoon break for coffee and snacks, we closed the day with a few yoga poses and a mindfulness practice.


“This was a fantastic day! The wellness portion was a great start and end to the day, helping with focus for the day. Thank you for practical resources to use immediately in my classroom!”

– 2019 Math Everywhere Learning Retreat participant

How can I participate?

If this sounds like a professional learning day you’d enjoy, sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about our next learning retreat!



About mrsobach

Educator in rural Manitoba, Canada. Working with students and fellow educators to improve teaching and learning!
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