Creating in the Classroom

We recently announced our topic for the 2020 KG Education Winter Learning Retreat:  Creating in the Classroom.   This is a topic we’ve shared before and we’re so excited to be redesigning this session for our learning retreat format!

We believe that one of the most powerful ways to use technology in the classroom is to create with it.  Technology provides unique ways for students to document and share their learning.   Students have an opportunity to showcase their creativity when they design and create products with technology tools.  (Check out the fabulous graphic from TeachThought on the benefits of creativity!) An added bonus to creating with technology is that digital products are usually easy to share online, allowing students to reach an authentic audience.  We’ve found that sharing digital creations is often very meaningful for students because they know their ideas will go beyond the classroom.

TeachThought. (17, November 2019). The Significant Benefits Of Creativity In The Classroom.  Retrieved from:

Teachers also benefit from opportunities to create using tech tools.  By harnessing a few useful tools, educators can create customized and relevant learning materials.   We can design templates, posters and more.   However, the most fun for me is supporting students in designing their creations.   Helping students design a product that showcases their ideas and knowledge is so rewarding for me!  Whether they’re filming videos, writing a book or creating with coding, it’s awesome to see students engaged in creating.

What are your students creating?  Drop a comment to let us know!

Ready for some new projects and ideas for creating in the classroom?  Join us on February 28, 2020 for our Creating in the Classroom Learning Retreat.  Learn more here!



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Educator in rural Manitoba, Canada. Co-Founder of KG Education. Passionate about teaching and learning. Committed to inspiring and supporting educators with teaching, technology and teacher wellness.
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