Support your wellness with a good book: Review #2

Choose Wonder Over Worry: Move Beyond Fear and Doubt to Unlock Your Full Potential, by Amber Rae 

4/5 stars 

wonder over worry (1)

I’ve followed Amber Rae on Instagram for some time–she has the most inspiring and engaging diagram-type images for dealing with different issues in your life.  When I found out that she had a book, I knew that it was a must-read for me and I wasn’t disappointed! She’s created an engaging and visually appealing book full of short chapters, personal stories and advice, and many workbook-style pages to help you connect the content to your own life. 

Each chapter addresses a different emotion in our lives, such as “Meet Jealousy” and “Meet Fear”.  Amber explains how we always have the option to choose wonder (adventure, growth, development) over worry (anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, fear).  She provides many examples from her own journey and practical ways for you to make small changes in your own life. I had several “a-ha!” moments as I read this book and used up a lot of sticky notes flagging favourite passages. 

This book is an easy and enjoyable read that you can pick up and put down often without losing the flow of Amber’s message.  I encourage you to check it out–after all, who doesn’t need a little nudge to move from worry to wonder in their lives! 

About Devon Caldwell

Kindergarten diva 🍎 PhD candidate 🎓 world traveller and adventure-seeker ✈️ animal lover, especially shelties! 🔗 Twitter/Instagram: india0309
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