Compliment Cards: Spread Kindness!

This year, let’s take it beyond Valentine’s day cards!   I think we can spread love and kindness any day and what better way to show kindness than by giving a compliment?   Supporting our students in treating others kindly is an important part of our role as educators.  I created these compliment cards as a fun way to share kindness any day.

Here are a few ways you can use the KG Education Compliment Cards:

  • distribute the digital compliment card template of your choice to students and have them fill out the card and send it to a friend, family member or peer by text message or email
  • use the template for shared writing with early writers – fill it out together for a student, staff member or community member and then send off your compliment
  • distribute the digital compliment card template to students and have them complete it, then post to a classroom blog or portfolio so everyone can read the compliment they received
  • send the template to your staff and exchange them via email or text message as a morale-booster
  • print the black and white PDF template on cardstock and have students write a card for a friend, family member, community member or volunteer

How to fill out a compliment card digitally:

You can either “write” with inking or type using several different options:

  • Apple Markup:  Save the template to your iPhone or iPad camera roll.  Select the image and choose “edit” and then “markup”.  (If you are sending multiple cards or having multiple students use the template, use the “duplicate” option to make several “copies” of the template!)
  • Pic Collage:  Download the Pic Collage free app.  Add the template as your background.  Insert text or
  • Canva: Upload the template in Canva.  Add text boxes for each section.
  • SMART Notebook:  Insert the template as an image.  Write with pens or insert text boxes to complete each field.
  • SeeSaw:  Share the template as an assignment.  Have each student type or write to complete their template and post to your classroom journal so others can see the compliments being shared!

Get the Compliment Card templates!

We’ve got 3 templates for you:
(1)  Compliment Card with prompts
(2) blank Compliment Card
(3) black & white PDF printable Compliment Cards (2 per page)

Get all 3 templates when you join our KG Education newsletter list.  The templates will be emailed directly to you shortly after you fill out this short form!

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Educator in rural Manitoba, Canada. Working with students and fellow educators to improve teaching and learning!
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