2020 Creating in the Classroom Learning Retreat

We hosted our Creating in the Classroom Learning Retreat on Friday.  We were so excited to spend the day with an awesome group of local educators!  Our Creating in the Classroom Learning retreat explored ideas for supporting teachers and learners in creating with technology.  We included projects such as book creation, video creation and digital posters.

What is a learning retreat?

Our learning retreat format blends professional learning with wellness and community-building.  We deliver an engaging workshop and lead wellness practices, including yoga and mindfulness.  The small group setting allows educators to connect with a community of local educators.  We also enjoy delicious and nourishing food, hot coffee & tea and the social connections with fellow teachers.  It’s our goal to provide meaningful learning, while leaving educators inspired and refreshed!

Creating in the Classroom Blog Post

What did our day look like?

We began the day with an all-levels yoga class.  Next, we enjoyed snacks and socializing during our nutrition break.  A large portion of the day was spent sharing ideas for using technology tools to create in the classroom.  We shared Literacy with ICT project ideas, student samples and our favourite tech tools.  Participants were offered time for hands-on creation with the tools that best met their needs.   We enjoyed lunch at our local restaurant and went for a short walk over our lunch break before continuing with the workshop.   Our day concluded with a mindfulness activity and short yoga practice.

What are teachers saying about our learning retreats?

We are really pleased to be able to support fellow educators by providing these experiences.  We’ve had some really positive feedback in response to our learning retreats.  Here are a few quotes from participants (shared with permission*)

“Thanks for the great day! I have tools that I can use myself in the classroom and tools for my students to use! Thanks for the great day and I am looking forward to what you ladies offer in the future.”

“Awesome day full of yoga, wellness and learning! I would love to attend another workshop to learn and experience new tech tools! I love KG Educations PD Days, as they are so different from the normal sitting and listening PD Days.”

“Thanks for a great day. I always appreciate learning things that can easily be applied to my classroom the next week. You ladies always do a great job planning and delivering your PD as well as making everyone feel welcome. I feel grateful to have been a part of today’s retreat. Thank you!”

How can you attend a learning retreat?

Watch our Facebook page and Newsletter for details on upcoming events or contact us to plan a learning retreat in your area!


About mrsobach

Educator in rural Manitoba, Canada. Co-Founder of KG Education. Passionate about teaching and learning. Committed to inspiring and supporting educators with teaching, technology and teacher wellness.
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