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There are 3 different colors of medals: -gold -silver -bronze People take turns carrying the torch from the place the Olympics was last held to the place it’s going to be. On the very first day of the  Olympics they … Continue reading

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Olympics Stuff

6000  athletes will compete 85 countries will be competing in 15 different sports for the  Olympics There are 89 different events. Twin sister Tracy Barnes gave up her Olympics spot for her sister Laay because she was sick. AJ

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Setting Criteria for Our Olympic Postcards

We had a fantastic Skype call today with our partner class in Grade 1 at Hamiota Elementary. We began by updating each other on our latest research (my class had just read the Grade 1s blog posts) and then we … Continue reading

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Olympic Sports

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Information about the Olympics

Russia is a big country. Sochi is 10 hours ahead of us. Plane tickets cost $5000 to $7000. HJ

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Olympics: More Answers

Are the Olympics in the same place every time? No, they move to a different country every four years. How far away are the Olympics this year? Sochi is 8894 kilometers away from Hamiota. We used Bing maps to look … Continue reading

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Olympics Project: Art

Right from the project launch, there has been great potential for our Olympics project to address a number of subject areas.  One of the first things students suggested was Olympics-themed art, so I was pleased to provide some opportunities this … Continue reading

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