Learning Retreats: A New Vision for Professional Learning

We are both passionate about ongoing learning and professional growth, so it’s our goal to offer meaningful learning opportunities for educators.  We’ve also learned the value and importance of teacher wellness, so our learning retreats will integrate wellness practices and community connection to help educators feel supported and cared for!   Finally, we also know that heading back to a classroom to implement new ideas can pose challenges, so we’re offering ongoing support for retreat participants through our online community, the KG Education Teacher Tribe.



We hosted our first learning retreat in October 2019.  Stay tuned for details on our winter learning retreat coming in 2020!

Math Everywhere Learning Retreat
Kenton, Manitoba
held Friday, October 11, 2019

  • Kindergarten-Grade 8 Math Everywhere workshop
  • Yoga, mindfulness, and movement for teacher wellness  
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Community connection with a small group of local teachers
  • Ongoing support through the KG Education community

Session Description

At KG Education, we’ve got a new vision for professional learning!   You can expect high quality professional learning and a community connection with a small group of local teachers.  We know the importance of teacher wellness, so this learning retreat includes yoga, mindfulness and movement as part of our day.  

The Math Everywhere workshop explores engaging ideas for K-8 mathematics.  This session will present a variety of math activities, including innovative and creative tech-infused strategies for teaching and assessing numeracy throughout the school day.  Participants will have an opportunity for hands-on creation and sourcing of math activities. After the learning retreat, we’ll also provide ongoing support through the KG Education Community!